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What will you do with your wedding dress after the wedding?

The Empty Box Company

After all the festivities, it is your dress and your photographs (plus your partner!) that is all you have to remember your precious wedding day. So it is worth treasuring them, and keeping your dress properly in a beautiful Wedding Dress Box that will preserve the colour and protect the dress from dirt and damage; is so worth doing and so easy to do; far better than leaving your dress to crumple and discolour in the wardrobe! 

Over the years, just hearing from brides saying how pleased they are to have kept their dress properly in one of our boxes gives me great encouragement, and my wedding dress is in one of Wedding Dress Boxes, and it is still perfect condition after 24 years! This is a photo of my dress! So don't forget to order a beautiful preservation box for your dress. Starting at £35.90 - £72.50 (depending on the style and fullness of your dress) it is an investment you will treasure forever. Romantic memory boxes for wedding cards and mementoes available too. 

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