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The Most Musical Moments of Your Wedding

Fill every moment of your big day with a special song

The Most Musical Moments of Your Wedding

We all know the bride will be taken down the aisle to a beautiful melody; we all know we'll have to hold back the tears as you first dance to the ballad closest to your heart; we all know the reception's going to be chockablock with floor fillers. That's just the way it goes. But there may well be more musical moments you haven't yet thought of that, if played just right, will make you feel like you're getting married in your favourite rom-com. Here are the main ones, and what to do when they happen: While you get ready – While not strictly part of the ceremony proper, this is an important ritual (one the wedding wouldn't be the same without), and you need a motivational tune that'll get you excited for the day ahead. While your guests arrive and find their seats – Not all of your guests will be arriving at the same time (they'd never fit through the door), to entertain those who have already filtered in with some music that straight away sets the tone for your wedding.

The wedding party procession – This isn't so much the calm before the beautiful storm as the first droplets of blissful rain or the first gentle love waves – your guests will instantly hush up as the door opens, or, if you time it right, as your well-chosen music strikes up. The main procession – This is the real showstopper, the money shot, the crowning moment – so choose wisely! As the bride is seen in her wedding dress for the first time by the groom, choose something the both compliments her beauty and conveys to your guests just how important this moment is. The recessional – After you share your first kiss as newlyweds and head back down the aisle, people are going to be on the edge of their seats. You need to play them something triumphant and celebratory to let them know just how wonderful it is that you've finally arrived at your destination – each others arms!


The Empty Box Company

What will you do with your wedding dress after the wedding?

The Empty Box Company

After all the festivities, it is your dress and your photographs (plus your partner!) that is all you have to remember your precious wedding day. So it is worth treasuring them, and keeping your dress properly in a beautiful Wedding Dress Box that will preserve the colour and protect the dress from dirt and damage; is so worth doing and so easy to do; far better than leaving your dress to crumple and discolour in the wardrobe! 

Latest creation "Clay Love Birds" Wedding Cake Toppers

Can be Personalised

Latest creation

We love creating new designs here at Boogiebabys Cake Toppers and our latest love is birds. We have created 2 little clay love birds with the Bride wearing a small crown and the Groom wearing a top hat with a personalised handmade mulberry paper rose. He is also wearing a little tie which can be personalised. The birds are resting on a hessian based nest with raffia. Each bird is created from polymer clay and will not fade, dry out or crack over time and therefore is a fantastic keepsake for such a grand occasion. Based in Kent, UK and Established since 2005.

Keeping the kids entertained at your Wedding

with Face Painting and Caricatures

If you're planning a wedding where there will be lots of children attending, then

this one is for you. We recently met the lovely Lizzy Millar at a Halloween Day

of the Dead event where she was doing amazing face painting using fluorescent

paint which looked bewitching under ultra-violet lights (as you can see from the

picture). Anyway she told us that she loves working with kids as well as adults

and has done lots of weddings. She also does caricatures too! So if you want to find a way

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